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For this 17th edition, we are able, thanks to the work of the selection committee, to offer you a wide diversity of ways people look at the world. Knowledgeable, sharp and surprising points of view, always unique.

You will discover the story of the atomic bomb through the program of Stefanie Bodien (at the Cinematek). With Pauline David’s proposition, we will take a look at contemporary Algeria. A selection of older films question the capacity that cinema has to work the pictures’ power of truth, a programme designed by Olivier Burlet. Finally, Kristine Gillard, in collaboration with Federico Rossin and Dario Marchiori, has organised two sessions which will address the very important question of form and content: how to conciliate a critical and engaged position with a strong will to address esthetic and formal aspects.

During these 10 days, we will propose many professional meetings, open to the public, that concern cinema. Two beautiful cine-concerts during the week and a performance for the festival’s closure. And of course, every night, moments to get together and celebrate.


I thank all the filmmakers that created and made their films. I thank the committee that selected these films and propose a rich and eclectic program.

And thanks to the GSARA team, and to our partners and the theaters that welcome us.


Welcome everyone.

Alexander Weiss
Directeur artistique

Ouvriers et cinéastes avec Henri Traforetti ancien ouvrier membre du groupe Medvedkine

23 minutes en compagnie de Henri Traforetti ancien ouvrier de de l'Usine Rhodiacetta à Besançon et participant à l'émergence du groupe Medvedkine, dans le cadre de la conférence Ouvriers et cinéastes : résistance et création collective.

(Français) (Do not) look at the flash – programmation atomique – Stefanie Bodien – Extrait RATP#1


(Français) Cinéma à charge – Olivier Burlet – présentation la programmation – Extrait RATP#2


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