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Braguino ou la communauté impossible

2017 49' France/Finlande VO RU ST FR/EN

The Braguine and Kiline families live in the middle of the Siberian taiga, 500 km from the closest village. These two families, who are part of a community of “Old Believers” – a sect of the Russian Orthodox Church dating from the time of the tsars that rejects State authority, went deep into the forest to live by their own rules and principles. There are no roads leading to where they live; you can only reach them by taking a long boat trip on the Yenisei River and then by helicopter.

Braguino is a small village of wooden houses surrounded by the taiga. Every year the threat of fire increases, intensified by climate change.

In the middle of the village, a fence separates the Braguines from the Kilines. The two feuding families refuse to speak to one another, leading completely self-sufficient lifestyles.

A dozen or so children are growing up together, escaping their parents’ feud. This is another type of community : free, unpredictable and sometimes violent.

Between the fear of wild animals, fires that consume everything, and the joy provided by the immensity of the forest and its resources, children and adults are somehow trying to live together.

In the presence of a team member.

Clément Cogitore
Sylvain Verdet
Julien Ngo-Trong, Franck Rivolet
Eric Bentz
Pauline Gaillard
INVITATION (Reservation limited)
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Braguino ou la communauté impossible 49

Julien Maire – Daisy Chain
A lecture – performance about nature and the essence of spectacular practices.  Today technology surpasses the wildest dreams of magicians from the 19th and 20th centuries. Instead of finger dexterity and mechanicals ingenuity, virtual and wireless effects become the way to achieve wonder.
In this informal performance Julien Maire explores a parallel story of the media, goes deeper into disillusionment and, with humor, shapes the profile of the electronic illusionist.

Production Service Art Numérique Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles  and Imal Brussels.


The performance will be followed by a closing party, from 10 pm, at Cinema Nova.

To buy a ticket, rendez-vous on Saturday 2nd of December, at the box office of the Cinema Nova.


Ouvriers et cinéastes avec Henri Traforetti ancien ouvrier membre du groupe Medvedkine

23 minutes en compagnie de Henri Traforetti ancien ouvrier de de l'Usine Rhodiacetta à Besançon et participant à l'émergence du groupe Medvedkine, dans le cadre de la conférence Ouvriers et cinéastes : résistance et création collective.

(Français) (Do not) look at the flash – programmation atomique – Stefanie Bodien – Extrait RATP#1


(Français) Cinéma à charge – Olivier Burlet – présentation la programmation – Extrait RATP#2


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